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Own Thy Audience

Apr 29, 2022

Gen Z is a tough nut to crack, but engaging with them is now more crucial than ever. Tapping into this audience has marketers pulling their hair. They are social, proactive, and most importantly have massive spending power. How should one reach out, grab their attention and retain them?


Ayush Wadhwa, founder and creative director at OWLED Media, who himself is a podcaster and an influencer opens up on how GenZ can be engaged. 

Here is what is covered

  • What is the sutra to build a GenZ audience on social?
  • Does GenZ engage in email?
  • Dipping toes into Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  • Underrated engagement hack for driving your podcast?
  • 101 of influencer marketing for businesses out there. 
  • Encouraging genZ to subscribe